The Wellness Drink

No sugar. No fat. 3 calories.


Helps cleanse your body from toxins, for healthier living.


Boosts your immune system, shielding you from the impact of daily stress.


Kick-starts your metabolism, to curb drowsiness and fatigue.

Thou shalt have no other drinks before Holy®.

Holy® is crafted to help restore your body’s natural efficiency. You feel the effects right away and enjoy long-term health benefits, too.
Nowadays, everyone considers well-being important. But to us, it’s more than that – it’s holy.


Key B and C-group vitamins to bolster and safeguard your body functions.


Essential for restoring and providing a daily boost to your body.


The ones you need to enjoy all-natural wellness.


Your life is made of instants, and you never know which ones will matter most. To live life to the fullest, we must be ready, receptive and make the most of what comes our way.
With Holy®, both your body and your mind will be perfectly focused and in tune with the present.


The secret behind better sports performance is determination.
When you feel like giving up, determination is what pushes you towards new records – Holy®fuels it by keeping your body hydrated and providing you with essential nutrients.


At times, work and stress can really take their toll. That’s when you need to fight back, stay focused and show you can tackle the challenges of the workplace.
Holy®helps pace your days at work, providing the perfect rhythm for your performance, thanks to its invigorating action on both mind and body.

It’s time to try it.

Enjoy the Original Holy®.

Unique, irresistible: you’ll find it hard to describe, but effortless to enjoy.

Fennel extracts, green tea, dandelion and vitamins C, B1, B6 and B12.

Meet the calm flavour of Matcha Tea.

The original recipe gets a Matcha Tea twist.

Yerba mate extract, fennel, matcha, dandelion and vitamins C, B1, B6 and B12.

Follow the delicate
scent of pomegranate.

A sour, fragrant touch in a new version of Holy, good for you and your health.

Green tea, mate and dandelion extracts with C, B1, B6 e B12 vitamins.

Capture the vivid notes of lime and ginger.

The bold side of Holy, here to refresh you
with unexpected shades of flavour.

Mate, ginger and dandelion extracts 
with C, B1, B6 e B12 vitamins.