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Holy Industries S.r.l. (“Holy Industries”) considers a key aspect the privacy of its customers (“Customers”) and warrants that the treatment of Personal Data through the web site (“Site”), is carried on in the respect of the rights of the holders, with particular reference to confidentiality, protection of personal identity and of Personal Data. To this end, Holy Industries adopted and implemented a privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) for what it concerns the use of the Site in connection with the treatment of Personal Data of Customers. Such Privacy Policy has to be considered as privacy notice pursuant to article 13 of the Data Protection Code of Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 (the “Code”).


Holder of the Treatment

The holder of the treatment is Holy Industries, with registered office in Piazza Cavour n. 3, 20121 Milan.


Definition of “Personal Data”

To the extent of this Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” as better specified in article 4 of the Code, is “any information relating to a physical person, juridical person, body or association identified or identifiable, even indirectly, through referring to any other information, including a number of personal identification”.

This Privacy Policy is applied to Personal Data of the Customers gathered through the Site. Further, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to other web sites belonging to third parties, which it may be possible to get access to through a link on the Site.


Types of data treated and terms of the treatment

Holy Industries collects certain Personal Data of Customers, such as name, surname, email address, user id and passwords, aggregated information obtained during the surfing of the Site, other Personal Data provided autonomously by the Customers during the log in to the Site or in occasion of the purchase of goods and services offered by the Site or in occasion of the request of information sent to the Site via email.

The Site is accessible to Customers with no obligation to provide own Personal Data. However, certain parts of the Site will be accessible exclusively to Customers who are registered.

Customers’ Personal Data, could be treated by means of electronic tools, (i) during the surfing; (ii) during the registration to the Site (needed to the purchase of services or goods), (iii) when requiring the supply of a single piece of goods or services. Moreover, when Customers contact us to require information, we will collect their Personal Data in order to provide an answer.



Surfing data

Computer programs and software procedures needed for the functioning of the Site, gather, in the course of their normal functioning, some Personal Data whose transmutation is implied in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to the purpose of being associated with identified people but due its specific nature it could allow the identification of Customers through association and elaboration with data owned by third parties.

In this category of data there are IP addresses or the domain names of computers used by the Customers who visit the Site, URL addresses; the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the Server and other data relating to the operating system.

These data are used to the sole extent of obtaining statistic, anonymous information on the use of the Site and to control the proper functioning and are deleted immediately after their elaboration. The data could be used to ascertain the liability in case of potential crimes against the Site.


Data provided by Customers

Holy Industries gathers also Personal Data that are filled in the registration or purchasing forms and transmitted to Holy Industries via email. It is mainly information needed to provide Customers with goods or services required or to contact a Customer further to his request or query.



Holy Industries can decide to store certain Personal Data of Customers in their computers. They are text files named cookies that allow Holy Industries to make it simple the surfing of visitors on the Site. Moreover, when a registration through the use of Used ID and Password is required, Customers can decide whether to save them for future access. This too is done through the use of cookies on the computers of Customers. With almost all internet browsers it is possible to verify which cookies are present on the hard drive, block all cookies or being warned any time a cookie is installed. It has to be noticed however, that in some cases, the lack of authorization to the use of cookies, can ban the use of certain parts of the Site.

Holy Industries use also the so called cookies of section that are not permanently stored on the computers of Customers and disappear with the closing of the Browser. Their use is limited to the transmission of session identification codes, needed to allow the safe surfing of the Site. They do not allow the collection of personal identification data of Customers.


Purpose of treatment of Personal Data

Holy Industries will treat the Personal Data of Customers for the following purposes:

(i) to consent the access and personalization of accesses to the various areas of the Site;

(ii) to allow the signing of agreements if required by Customers and to execute a service or an operation within ambit of Company’s activities.

In particular, Holy Industries organizes games, plays and contests: participation to these activities requires that such data are accessible to the commercial division of Holy Industries, and to third parties supplying services.

(iii) to allow commercial development and marketing analysis, provided the consent of Customers. For instance, Holy Industries can send to the web address of Customers updates and information relating to the products or the offers and games arranged by Holy Industries.


Freedom to provide the consent to use Personal Data

Unless what is specified with regard to the navigation data, Customers are free to decide whether to provide their consent to the treatment of Personal Data in the Site.

The lack of consent implies the following consequences:

- with respect to the access to specific areas of the Site, the draft of agreements upon request of Customers and the participation to the Site’s activities, the lack of consent will ban Customers from accessing the reserved areas of the Site or from receiving the services/goods required.

- with respect to marketing activities, the lack of consent will ban Holy Industries from sending to Customers any type of marketing information.


Communication and/or disclosure of Personal Data

Personal Data collected by Holy Industries through the Site will be accessible to the divisions and employees of Holy Industries designated as responsible for the treatment. Moreover, Personal Data of Customers could be communicated to companies that supply the goods and services available on the Site as part of the contractual obligations with the Customers or to the extent required to provide the service required by the Customer. Data are collected and stored through the platform PayPal.

Certain data could be communicated in aggregated and anonymous form to third parties companies for statistic purposes. For instance, the average age of Customers, the number of visitors belonging to different geographic areas could be communicated. In any case, these are not data that allow the identification of Customers.

Moreover, data could be communicated to third parties during operation of sale, merger and increase of corporate capital. Within the ambit of said reorganizational activities, Personal Data of Customers could be scared with current or potential purchasers of the company. In this event, Holy Industries will obtain written guaranties that Personal Data will be adequately protected and treated pursuant to the applicable legal provisions.

Except for cases expressively authorized by the law or provided for by this Privacy Policy, Personal Data will not ber communicated or disclosed without the consent of the interested Customers.


Protection of Personal Data

Holy Industries protects the Personal Data that it treats by adopting the security measures provided for the Code. There exist certain measures that ban the unauthorized access of third parties to Personal Data and to the Site. User ID, passwords and credit card details are protected by a security system (SSL or similar).


Customers’ rights relating to their own Personal Data

Customers who provided their Personal Data pursuant to this Policy, enjoy all the rights set forth in the Code.

In particular, Customers could contact the responsible for the treatment of Personal Data under article 7 of the Code. Customers have at any time the right to obtain confirmation regarding the existance of Personal Data stored, to know the content and the source, verify the correctness or require amendments pursuant to article 7 of the Code. Under said legal provision, Customers have the right to require the cancellation, the transformation into anonymous form or the block of Personal Data treated and to oppose to the treatment for due reasons. All communications in this regard shall be addressed to Holy Industries S.r.l., Piazza Cavour 3, 20121 Milan.


Amendments to the policy

Holy Industries could change or amend the Privacy Policy to the aim of complying with the legal applicable provisions and the new technologies. Potential amendments would be communicated on the Site and will be always readable by Customers, which should read from time to time the Privacy Policy in order to verify whether amendment have been made.

We kindly require to read carefully this Privacy Policy and to periodically check it in order to evaluate potential amendments or changes.


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